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Name:The Thing that Goes Bump in the Night
Gone fishing - be back later.

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anti-sjw, ares, beading, being a bad influence, being a hermit, being a smartass, being complicated, being evil, being myself, being negative, being opinionated, being right on the internet, being solitary, being weird, bitching about neopagan fucktardery, boundaries, building your own religion, cats, chance encounters, changes, chaos, complicated spirituality, creative swearing, creativity, crossing boundaries, cursing like a sailor, cymraeg, deimos, devotion, divination, drama-free living, energy work, equal opportunity hatred, eshnahai, hating you, hermes, hermits, hieros gamos, horror movies, how do i friends, icons, inappropriate humor, individuality, intelligent conversation, interesting people, introversion, jewelry making, kittens, korean movies, liminal spaces, liminality, living my religion, loners, luck, magic, making fun of people, meditation, metal, misanthropy, my cats, mysticism, mythology, nighttime, nomads, non-stupid paganism, nonconformity, not conforming to nonconformity, not taking anyone's shit, not tumblr brand social justice, not tumblr in general actually, online friends, outsiders, paganism, people who aren't douchebags, people who aren't stupid, people-watching, personal gnosis, personal mythology, phobos, polytheism, portland, prayer, privacy, probably not you, protection, providing scathing commentary, quiet contemplation, quiet moments, rage, ranting, ravens, reading, recovering from abuse, religion, ritual, sarcasm, saying 'fuck' a lot, schadenfreude, snark, spelling words correctly, spending time offline, staying up all night, tarot, temple keeping, temple of the twelve, the unusual, the word "fuck", theology, thinking for myself, thinking outside the box, traveling, tricksters, unique people, venting, video games, walking your own path, wanderers, wandering, weird people, weird things, welsh language, woo, writing, your delicate internet sensibilities
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